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Le texte de Raymond M. Kristiansen sur son expérience Serial Portraits

Raymond M. Kristiansen 

Co-organizer of Vlog-Europe 2005-2009

Currently Solutions Architect in a telecom company in Norway, specializing in hosted Call Center systems

Reflections on a re-flection 

I remember sitting down, having the camera on me, and looking at the artist, and then blindly drawing the artist. Letting my lines representing the energy, the questions. Feeling awkward, exposed, while also realizing that I am the co-creator of this story of this moment in my life.

Who defines who? What representation defines what person? Who ‘wins’ in this battle of representations? Me drawing the artist says something about the artist, and also myself. This is the meaning of the serial portrait; the way we express ourselves also by expressing our thoughts of others. We are not just passive mirrors of each other, but active mirrors, agents of reflection. Our reaction to others is also an action by itself, and that action also defines us.

I remember sitting there, thus exposed, aware, acutely aware, that this is what I have strived for in those years of social media, of making videos and sharing those publicly online. Connecting with another person. Not thousands or millions, but another. A handful of souls. Describing my moments and seeing the moments of others.

The reflections (direct and in-direct/double) from this experience stuck with me for quite a while. At the end, some time later, in July 2009, I decided that I had to change my life. Make more money. But the memory of moments such as this, the exposed meeting with an artist I respect, have stayed with me as an undercurrent ever since.


Raymond M. Kristiansen

Nov 24, 2013

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